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Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

Hello darlings! In honor of Nicole's 39th birthday, I put together some of her best video clips for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. ;D

Nicole Kidman: Acting Odyssey A montage clip of some of Nic's best acting moments. Really beautifully done.

Nicole's 2002 Oscar Acceptance Speech [She's too cute - you can't help but smile at this one!]

The train station scene from "The Hours" If there's any questioning as to why she won the Oscar for her performance as Virginia Wolf, this is the clip to watch!

The Chanel Ad [Rodrigo is just... raaawr!]

Making of the Chanel Ad Part 1 I'm so sorry, but I couldn't find this all in ONE video - its broken into parts, but still great to see.

Making of the Chanel Ad Part 2

...Part 3

...Part 4

...Part 5

Ewan McGregor & Nicole Messing Around Its short, but hilarious to watch them act completely goofy.

The "Moulin Rouge!" trailer We've all seen the film a million times, but I always fall in love with this clip - its so emotionally charged!

"Come What May" music video with Ewan McGregor I just love this one.

A "Moulin Rouge!" video set to the Coldplay song "Sparks" I know that its not necessarily a "Nicole clip" but its just so sweet and nicely done. Give it a try!

"Tonight With Toulouse: Nicole Kidman is Satine" lolZZZ ;D

"Somethin' Stupid" music video - a duet with Robbie Williams. Quirky and cute and just fun to watch.

"Bop Girl" featuring Nicole... OK, again, not a "Nicole clip" but THIS is actually how Miss Kidman got her start, and I think its funny to see. She's not in it a whole lot though.
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